7 e-commerce tips to help your business grow

Need an e-commerce advice to get your business off the ground?

E-commerce advice n°1: Having an offer that is different from its competitors

The construction of your offer is an essential element to guarantee the development of your business. Before even thinking about your sales strategy, it will be necessary to determine the nature and quality of the products to be offered to Internet users.

Instead, look for a niche that will meet specific needs and where there is little competition. Your online shop is already launched and you haven’t thought about this parameter? No problem, see how to stand out in your sector.

Can you offer additional services or are there foreign suppliers who can provide you with original merchandise? Or on the other hand, can you rely on local craftsmen and rely on Made In France?

E-commerce advice n°2: Developing your community

Building a community based on your brand helps to strengthen the competitiveness of your e-commerce. There are many online shops today and if you want to stand up to the competition, get your consumers as united as possible.

How to succeed? First of all, one of the first e-commerce tips I would give you is to create a blog. This establishes a link between you and your customers and encourages them to come back to your site regularly.

Then, ensure a human presence on social networks. By building communities around your products, but especially your person, you can strengthen consumer attachment to your brand.

Regularly engage them with useful tips, friendly publications and involve them by asking them questions, asking them for their opinion on your future products, etc.

E-commerce advice n°3: Impeccable customer service

To make your business flourish, it was impossible to miss an e-commerce advice on customer service.

This will ensure consumer satisfaction, allow you to enjoy an excellent e-reputation and thus build customer loyalty.

Be aware that good customer service must be responsive, customer-oriented and able to provide effective solutions to consumers with a problem.

To take advantage of this e-commerce advice, consider optimizing your e-logistics and after-sales service.

E-commerce tip n°4: An optimized conversion funnel

The ergonomics of the site and the quality of your shopping tunnel are essential to sell your products online. To make shopping in your store as easy as possible, you need to make it as easy as possible for Internet users to navigate, with a clear menu and visible call-to-action.

The Internet user must never have any difficulty during his purchase, otherwise he will abandon his basket.

In addition, you will need to provide a simplified and clear final page. Don’t waste customers’ time by asking them to provide you with a lot of personal information.

Ask only for the essential information to send their order.

E-commerce tip n°5: Identify the habits of Internet users

A good ecommerçant is able to anticipate market trends! Your customers’ buying habits remain the best indicators to understand their needs and expectations in relation to your market.

Constantly monitor, in addition to analyzing their behavior on your online store, to refine your strategy, but also to offer products that will be the stars of tomorrow.

E-commerce advice n°6: Optimized natural referencing

The permanent optimization of natural referencing will make your merchant site much more visible and allow you to increase your sales.

SEO helps you to position your site in search engines when users make personalized requests.

My e-commerce advice is as follows: don’t try to be referenced on very generic terms and prefer to work the long tail to attract smaller, but much better qualified traffic. This is the guarantee of an excellent return on investment!

E-commerce tip n°7: Intelligent paid search engine optimization

Paid SEO is an opportunity to exploit to quickly increase your sales. It allows, at the same time, to increase your audience quickly and to optimize your natural referencing.

An advertising campaign on Google Adwords, for example, will attract many prospects who can then be converted into customers. Also think of the price comparators that can bring you several hundred visitors each month.

By following these 7 e-commerce tips, you will be able to be competitive to gain places in search engines, distinguish yourself from competitors and build customer loyalty!